Yeongdeok Seafood Purchase Review Event

2022 Yeongdeok snow crab sea product purchase review event.

Do you know Yeongdeok Seafood Site where you can see Yeongdeok's specialties and seafood?
It is fun to shop because it is full of various products, semi-dried squid, fresh gwamegi and snow crab soy sauce with deep taste.

If you buy it and write a review, you will get 20,000 won in coffee gift certificates!
If you just apply for this, you'll almost win!

【Event Information】
Shopping at Yeongdeok Seafood Store
Make a screenshot of the shopping review and apply for the bulletin board of the Snow Crab Festival website

- Event period : 12/09 (Fri) ~ 12/27 (Tue)
- Announcement : 12/30 (Fri)
- Prize : Ediya Coffee 20,000 won coupon (50 people)

※ The winners will be announced on the official website of the Yeongdeok Snow Crab Festival Instagram
※ The prize winners will be selected by lottery after the event ends.
※ Winners may be canceled if they do not reply to personal information within the period.